Links to the Best Internet Resources

New Criminologist
Online journal of criminology. Articles and case-files one true crime and serial murder as well as terrorism, drug crime, organized crime, violence, and forensic science.

All About Forensic Psychology
This website showcases the work of Professor David Canter, an excellent teacher on this subject. The site contains in-depth educational resources relating to the history and practice of this field. Possibly the most complete Forensic Psych resource on the Internet.

Crime and Clues
The Art of Criminal Science and Investigation. Excellent source of specific information on a wide variety of topics in criminology.

Deviant Crimes
Yet another excellent resource. This one deals specifically with sexual predation, paraphilia, and the psychology behind it all.

Crime Library's Serial Stacks
This is a great starting place for information on specific serial killers, unsolved cases, and the most bizarre serial murders on record.

All Serial

Has a decent list of the more well-known serial murderers and quite a wealth of information on each. Needs editing, but a good place to peruse.